Our missiON:

To partner with for profit, non-profit, and civic municipalities and organizations in the development, improvement and revitalization of the community through service projects, youth programs, agency partnerships, career training opportunities and community-wide events.

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Core Values


Intentionally Investing

For some that investment is time and for others it is personal resources. For others it is knowledge and experience. Investment often means risk, however for exponential impact, risk taking and a willingness to invest into the community is critical.

Relationship Building

Establishing opportunities for commercial engagement is extremely important and cultivating community highly significant. Cultivating community through relationship building increases economic potential for revitalization and Life-Mission discovery for future community and business leaders.


What is the goal, why is it important and what changes as a result? Every decision must be made with the desired end result in focus. Lives impacted, jobs created, communities revitalized, college scholarships developed, economic and business models initiated, training and education programs established.


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